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04/08/24Des Moines Iowa Public8:00:00 PM
04/09/24Des Moines Iowa Public1:00:00 AM
04/24/24Los AngelesPBS SoCal8:00:00 PM
04/25/24Los AngelesPBS SoCal12:00:00 AM
04/25/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS7:00:00 PM
04/26/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS10:00:00 PM
04/28/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS21:00:00 PM
04/28/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS4:00:00 PM
04/29/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS22:00:00 PM
04/30/24Kansas CityKCPT - PBS212:00:00 AM
KMOS Warrensburg MO
04/14/24San FranciscoKQED Plus8:00:00 PM
04/15/24San FranciscoKQED Plus2:00:00 AM
04/18/24San FranciscoKQED Plus8:45:00 PM
04/19/24San FranciscoKQED Plus2:45:00 AM
KRSU Claremore OK
04/14/24SpokaneWFPT Spokane WA4:00:00 PM
04/14/24SpokaneWWPB Spokane WA4:00:00 PM
04/15/24SpokaneWFPT Spokane WA9:00:00 PM
04/16/24LOUI Louisiana Public10:00:00 PM
04/14/24BaltimoreMARY - MPT4:00:00 PM
04/15/24BaltimoreMARY - MPT29:00:00 PM
04/08/24Charlotte/Raleigh-DurhamWUNC/NCAR, North Carolina PBS8:00:00 PM
04/09/24Charlotte/Raleigh-DurhamWUNC/NCAR, North Carolina PBS1:00:00 AM
04/09/24Charlotte/Raleigh-DurhamWUNC/NCAR, North Carolina PBS9:00:00 AM
WBGU, Bowling Green OH
04/22/24ClevelandWEAO, Cleveland OH9:00:00 PM
04/23/24ClevelandWEAO, Cleveland OH2:00:00 AM
04/28/24ClevelandWEAO, Cleveland OH5:00:00 PM
04/15/24ErieWQLN HDTV9:00:00 PM
04/15/24ChicagoWTTW9:00:00 PM
04/16/24ChicagoWTTW - Prime12:00:00 PM
04/19/24ChicagoWTTW4:00:00 AM
04/15/24WyomingWYOM - KCWC HDTV9:00:00 PM
04/16/24WyomingWYOM - KCWC HDTV3:00:00 AM
04/14/24PennsylvaniaWGBT Pittsburg4:00:00 PM
04/08/24South CarolinaWUNF/WUNL Greenville-Spartanburg/ Greensboro8:00:00 PM
04/09/24South CarolinaWUNF/WUNL Greenville-Spartanburg/ Greensboro1:00:00 AM
04/09/24South CarolinaWUNF/WUNL Greenville-Spartanburg/ Greensboro9:00:00 AM
04/22/24NebraskaKBIN Omaha10:00:00 PM



My team produced this film in the hopes of waking up the public, so we don’t sleepwalk into the apocalypse. The Day After proved that, however polarized we may be ideologically, we can still come together, inform ourselves, and act to prevent the obscene devastation caused by nuclear weapons." - Director, Jeff Daniels

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