Stringers Sorrento

My producers and I have long been concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the idea of a survivable, winnable nuclear war.

Recently, we made a feature documentary about how THE DAY AFTER (1983), a TV movie which vividly imagined such a war in the US heartland, moved a divided nation and its president to confront this disturbing global issue.

We learned that, however polarized a people may be ideologically, we can come together, question why we manufacture such weapons, and better inform ourselves about their obscene devastation. Unfortunately, our sense of denial makes us forget these inconvenient truths too easily.

So we welcome you to learn more by visiting these links to the latest studies and organizations committed to informing the public. And if you’re in the mood for an “oddly funny,” “moving and engaging” portrayal of how we last dealt with the impending threat of nuclear apocalypse, we invite you to watch TELEVISION EVENT by clicking below.